The Journey of Nostalgia(2)

Self-Love and Self-Deprecation

Desolate, sad, dilapidated
Ironclad and rusty
Weeds growing
Pebbles crunching
Under the feet
Railway tracks
Mingling and intertwined

Electrical lines
Linked to poles
Linearly and parallelly
Covering distances
Between star-crossed lovers
Seeing each other
Never really reaching each other

Broken pieces
Concrete and raw
Canals and bridges
Smothered with grime
Flooding acrimoniously
With sewage and foreign particles
Paving the way through fields and cities

Vertically grande buildings
Divided by greenery
Supporting the illusion
Of calm and beauty
Of organisation and protection
But they are just boxes
Of complacency and obsequiosity

Flying through the blizzard and thunderstorm
Cleared the tint away
I am seeing for the first time
Without the lenses
Covered deliberately in grease
By my primary nurture

The plane landed
With a thud
The voice-over of the pilot
The brouhaha of passengers
I reached my destination

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