Drinking From The Saucer – Inspiring Poem by John Paul Moore


Creative Comma Positive Turns

Why is it critical for us to recognize the blessings that are overflowing from our personal cups into our saucers?

Simply, it is God’s Wish that we acknowledge His hand in all things and we need to offer our thanks to Him.

This poem has been very inspirational to me because its message is not to be casually thankful for the obvious, rather, it points out the vast opportunities we have to acknowledge and be filled by the ever-flowing abundance of God’s love for us. Our imperfections set our own limitations on gratitude. We might be guilty of thanking Him for a limited amount of blessings because we have failed to put wide-angle lenses on our soul to see the vast quantity of blessings around us to really be thankful for. Some expressions of gratitude fall short of the God’s expectations.

Joy and happiness are born of gratitude – Gratitude unlocks…

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