Daily OM 081418

When I look at people – I see how intense their inner Light shines.  What I have found – and this is MY personal experience – is that the Light shines brightest in those whom society has oftentimes deemed as ‘socially unacceptable’ – the homeless, the mentally ill, the physically and mentally challenged. 

For me their Light burns so brightly that I am drawn to that Light and I approach them with a big smile on my face and open arms.  I am a hugger so, if they choose, they get a hug from me.   

When I visit my mother-in-law in the Alzheimer’s facility that she is in, I am drawn to the other people who live there.  I smile and wave to everyone.  If they choose, they get hugs or pats on the hands and arms, sometimes full hugs if they choose.  Even the staff that work there have bright inner Lights.   

There is Goodness everywhere.  I encourage all to look at that Goodness and bask in its warmth.


The Good In All


We need to encourage ourselves to look deeply into all things in our lives to see the inherent goodness of everything.

Sometimes we find it difficult to see the good in people, places, or situations that aren’t to our liking. We focus on the things we don’t like in our lives as a way of fueling our efforts to create change. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, and it is one way we make progress. However, if we get too caught up in this way of looking at the world, we lose touch with our ability to sit back and simply say yes to everything on our plates, which is the true starting point for all successful activity. Sometimes what we really need is to encourage ourselves to look deeply into all things in our lives to see the inherent goodness at the heart of everything.

At the core of this inquiry is the practice of unconditional acceptance, which can be scary because we feel as if we are being asked not to change the things we don’t like. But when we think this way, we are still operating on the surface of our lives. In order to feel the beauty and warmth of full acceptance, we have to be willing to sink deeper into the stratum underlying the external manifestation of our lives. This deeper place of being is the origin of all lasting change, yet its paradox is that when we are in it, we often don’t feel the need to change anything. From this place, we experience the pure beauty of the process of being alive, and we see that all things change in their own time. We don’t need to force anything. If there are things that we do need to change, from this place of serenity we create the shift easily, our hands guided by an energy that resides at the very center of our hearts.

In our active, goal-oriented culture, we learn to distrust stillness and to engage in busywork on the surface of life. This tendency can blind us to the good that lies at the heart of all things. But all we have to do to see again is stop for a moment, let go of our preconceptions and our agendas, and settle into the very center of our hearts, remembering that it is only from here that we can truly see.


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