Gospel of Soul


Ink Words and Spells

By:- Aishwarya Raghunath

Once there was Life
Who always wanted to be friend with Luck;
But Luck never paid heed to life
Often ill treating her and mocking, it ran away in pride.

Life turned lugubrious
an air of melancholy spread in engulfing her peace;
She thought herself to be worthless
Neither important for anyone nor worthy

Life was left all alone
She thought herself to be unworthy of love
Often lamenting and loathing over her state,
Life decided to end her story
And be out of the game.

But suddenly something lighted inside her
A voice echoed from nowhere Commanding her to look deep into the mind
And start journeying inwards.

She listened keenly
Each word resonated through vibes
Slowly something began to change
She followed the voice keeping pretenses set aside.

The trick worked
Life decided no matter what,

It won’t dart behind those
for whom she was…

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