Flash Fiction

Heart in print by Jaya

August 10, 2018


Sakura did not think of sitting there alone today. All these days of her friendship with Mahe, she sat hand in hand with him. And then one night had changed everything.

The viridescent foliage of yesterday, all transformed suddenly to citrine hues; the river cerulean once, is leaden now. As is her heart ashened with myriad memories of her Mahe.

“Sakura our life will be kaleidoscopic, I promise. Be mine.” He had said assuredly at this very place. And a little nod from her had thrown them in a two day frenzied celebrations.

Little was she aware of the Nature obliterating away her multitudinous hues of life by snatching away her Mahe.

112 words.

Priceless Joy. Thanks for the challenge. Read more here.

Wildverbs. For the image.

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