The Most Ambitious Sun Mountain Lodge Vacation Itinerary. Ever.

Fixin' Leaks and Leeks

IMG_2784 Sunset view just outside the Sun Mountain Lodge Resort in Winthrop, WA. Photo by Cecilia Kennedy.

When the Wild, Wild West of Eastern Washington calls, we have no choice, but to hitch up the Subaru, throw a sitter at the cat, and see if we have what it takes to rough it at the Sun Mountain Lodge Resort and Spa—drawing on the history of sturdy pioneers who braved seaweed body treatments and peppermint scented towels.

“Oh! We have sooo needed this!” Nate, Alex, and I say to each other as we giddily jump into the car with just the bare necessities for a four-night’s stay: beer, sodas, bagels, 2-3 outfits, hiking boots, at least two swim suits, toiletries, sandwich meat, vitamins, chips, cookies, pretzels, Tylenol, a hairdryer, a flat iron, phones, chargers, tennis shoes, nicer shoes, extra socks/underwear, sunscreen, and a wine bottle opener. We have a fairly good idea…

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