In Memoriam: Dobby Winnick (Part 2) | Capybara Madness

RIP Dobby

Dobby the Capybara

There will never be another Dobby, but I will try to keep the stories coming. Until then, Melanie is writing about him.

She’s right. Dobby never much liked riding in the car, but that’s only because I never let him drive my car.

It’s a 1997 Porsche Boxster, Melanie.

Dobby loved summer afternoons in the front yard. He was a showoff and doing tricks was his way of demonstrating his wordly knowledge. Doing them his own way was his favorite way of teasing me.

Dobby liked to put two feet on the scale until it timed out

There were bells on the kitchen door, so we always knew when he was in or out. He’d also nuzzle the bells to keep making them ring if he wanted us to come into the kitchen. Those bells were the first thing to be put away after his passing.

Dobby was in and…

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