General Convention Reflections

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

All the gavels came down at General Convention in Austin, Texas on Friday afternoon, July 13th.   The House of Deputies was out by noon.   The House of Bishops was released for lunch, asked to come back at 2:30, and when we did we were quickly adjourned.  Marti and I, having come from Austin, remained for a few days more to soak up our old friends and places.  We arrived home late Sunday evening.

Now, General Convention 2018 is in the record books as they say.  Now, we reflect on what we did and decide what it all means.   Here are some of the most notable things I think happened.  Some will agree and some won’t so I claim these only for myself.

(You can find any resolutions discussed in the Virtual Binder from Convention)

#metoo-If not in legislation, and there was certainly that in this area, most definitely…

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