The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

GC olympia signIf you have followed my General Convention blogs over the years you know that one of the fundamental disconnects for me here, considering a Church, a legislative body of a church, that comes together every three years, ringing its hands over money does nothing about taking an offering doing Eucharist.  As in most parts of the church, we seem reluctant, if not completely unwilling to look at money as a spiritual issue.  We have incarnated that a General Conventions by totally neglecting any monetary offering at daily Eucharists.

In Indianapolis no version of the offering was being taken.   We held the Eucharist every day, thousands showed up, and we never asked an offering, put a basket out, nothing.  We were arguing all day long, as we always do, about justice, and greed, and the proper stewardship of our money, and yet no offering, no liturgical act, surrounded by prayer, was…

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