General Convention: What Day is it?

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The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

Today is Sunday, as I write this.   I hope I can get it posted on that same day.  Since my last blog it seems so much has happened.  Days run together, and a morning of the same day may seem like it was a month ago.  Still I want to share some, and I will miss some I am sure, and I hope you will not hold me to the sequence of events because that is a blur too.  


One of the proudest moments for the Diocese of Olympia at this convention was the presentation to the House of Bishops by Maria Gonzalez of St. Mary’s, Lakewood and a member of the Official Youth Presence at General Convention.  Out of this amazing group of young people she was chosen to address the House of Bishops.   You can watch her entire presentation on the video below.  

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