“Facts” are opinions, holding down reality until we can move beyond

Pam Grout

“Our thoughts hold more medicine than many of the astonishing breakthroughs of our time.” — Kris Carr

Thoughts-become-ThingsIn leafing through my frayed, worn-out copy of the Course this morning, I ran across this quote: “It’s a distortion to believe there is a creative ability in matter which the mind cannot control.”

It goes on to say that the body is nothing but a learning device for the mind and that its abilities are way overrated.

It’s always, 100 percent of the time, the mind that needs correction if the body is acting up. If anything, our bodies are a giant distraction. They’re not who we really are.

To believe my body, this temporary container is my identity is to miss the whole point.

The body is one of the ego’s greatest inventions, its most potent tools.

Fallible, aging bodies that require constant attention are the ultimate distraction. The irony, of…

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