Daily Dig 051918

Normally I don’t share the wisdom of The Daily Dig – but I’ve already posted one on love and, especially after viewing the Royal Wedding for a minimum four times, I’m still on that topic – love – love – love – love love…..

Daily Dig for May 19

Rachel Naomi Remen

There is often more wisdom to be found at the edges of life than in its middle. Life-threatening illness may shuffle our values like a deck of cards. Sometimes a card that has been on the bottom of the deck for most of our lives turns out to be the top card, the thing that really matters. Having watched people sort their cards and play their hands in the presence of death for many years, I would say that rarely is the top card perfection, or possessions, or even pride. Most often the top card is love.

Source: My Grandfather’s Blessings


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